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About Me

I’ll do anything for anyone if I’m capable and if it’s legal. I’ve been asked to do things like car care, errands, odd jobs,

absentee cover, holiday watch, holiday pet care assistance for elderly /infirm/infant etc. I get asked because in the words of an ex work colleague,  Quote; “You are a reliable, capable, professional, hard working bloke”

I am currently a supply school teacher with Chalfont St. Giles Village school having taught there since 2006. I ceased regular teaching on a contract at Easter 2016 in order to be free at anytime to go and fly when the weather play ball. I’ll go paragliding or play with my toys.

The rest of my time is mostly taken up by DIY at home, as I near completion of my house remodelling, and as of late, more and more ‘DIY’ for people that can’t.

The menu tabs above will take you to other pages with specifics that you might be interested in should you need my help. If I can’t do something I’ll tell you and I’ll always try give you a suggestion as to who may be able to help.

Good value for money

I can offer cost effective rates because I don’t have the overheads or staff to pay and partly because I have to sleep at night. Charging the same as a dedicated professional, just because that’s the going rate is not something I agree with.

Don’t take my word for it, ask  the people that know me. I won’t put you directly  in touch with them, but I can always ask them to contact you.

My returning clients are all the encouragement I need.

Qualifications are always one of the first queries that might go through a potential customer’s mind. More information here regarding why I am right for your job and this page gives more of an insight as to my ethos and the events in my life that made me a ‘Jack of all trades’. Master of some as well.

I have been described as an eccentric, but in a nice way. This web site has some of these overtones, but it is me. I can’t pretend be someone I am not.