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Error Click on the picture to go to the other web page I look after Infra-Red photo of my house.Mouse over to see normal picture

This photo was taken using a thermal imaging camera and the colour differences show the comparative amount of thermal energy being radiated from the various surfaces. Whites are the hottest, closely followed by the reds through orange to yellow. Blue is cold by comparison. The scale at the bottom shows the differences, not absolute temperatures.

The image was taken by the Low Carbon Chilterns CO-OP, Ltd

There is no heating in the entrance area and the heat showing at the top of the door is probably the extent that the heat from upstairs has made it down the stairs to the entrance area.

Considering that our living room is upstairs and is heated by a 7.5 kw wood burner and the large red window downstairs is actually a little used office/bedroom, with the radiator quite low, there does appear to be a lot of heat loss. The radiator in this room, although set low is right under the window. Maybe the double glazed unit is very inefficient at insulation. It has been suggested that the cavity filling, if there is any, is sagging in the wall to the right of the window.

Trying to quantify these losses is very difficult and the payback for adding extra glazing may be a long time. With the ever increasing cost of fuel though, the payback may come sooner than we think.