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My Charging Structure

So the trick is to book me for a whole week of work and get all those

little jobs done that have been waiting for ages to get fixed.

            screws, glues, fillers, etc.

            Distance jobs, clock starts when leaving home.

These charges have been set based on the following criteria.


20 minutes to come out and fix widget  £30

1 hour 15 mins     £30

1 hour 30 mins     £45

2 hours      £60

7 hours      £210

25 hours     £300+250+100=£650

PC’s or other kit that is delivered to me for fixing will be charged considerably less as I can work on them at my leisure or whilst doing other work, hence it spreads the cost of my time.

Charging depends on the time it takes to do a proper job!

First hour or part thereof (home visit)   £30. Additional time 30 minutes / hour   £15/30

First 10 hours work £30 per hour then £25 ph for next 10, £20ph next 10 and £15ph for final 10. Week 2 would restart at £30hr

These charges are based on the list of jobs that need doing or the size of a single job. Agreed before starting the work. These times are not consecutive days, they are aggregate. It also allows for weather to get in the way, be it an outside job or if I’ve gone flying! I’ll warn you about that when we discuss the job.

Materials will be charged the price I have to pay for them, receipts will be provided. Customer may provide own materials but I will advise on the suitability.