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Repair Service - Prices will obviously vary

In an effort to cure the throw away society, I believe that things should be repaired. How many toys have your children got that are broken? They are no good to charity shops in that state either and land fill is just a waste of your progenies future. Why not get them repaired.

I have tools available for most occasions, glues, hot melt resins, mouldable plastics, lead free solder, zinc/aluminium welding kit, masses of electronic components recycled from truly defunct gadgets.

See this page for notable successes.

Below is a typical fix for a manufacturing/design fault that should have been spotted and fixed in the factory.

As with all my work, no fix, no fee. I will always try to guarantee a fix, but since many things I fix these days are due to initial design faults, I am effectively redesigning a component and a long term fix might be unobtainable. In other cases, the fix will outlive the remainder of the unit.

Power connector had been factory misaligned to the contacts on the fuser. Resistive heating burned out the connection.

The fix, was to solder the wires directly to the fuser.

When the fuser eventually fails, which it will, the wires can be unsoldered and reattached to a new unit.