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How Much will I charge?


Do you have

If so then maybe this service is for you.

I can scan your documents and store them in specific folders and burn them to a CD for you to take away and copy to your computer. Scans can be to a searchable PDF file or an editable Word document.

Straight scans or scan and clean up with colour correction of your photos is also possible.

Scan to searchable PDF            £1 + 3p per sheet

Scan to word document             £1 + 5p per sheet

Photo scan                                  £1 + 3p per photo

Photoscan + image editing        Call me as it will depend on how many

                                                         and what exactly needs doing.

Confidential documents?

You’re welcome to be present whilst the job is done and watch your scanned documents be totally erased from my PC. Alternatively, come with your own portable hard drive and they will scanned and saved directly onto that.