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You might have spotted the solar panels on my roof. I’m often asked if are they paying for themselves. The answer is yes but it’s taking time, as expected.

We have a 3kw array on the front which faces east and a 1kw array facing south. Also facing south are 20 tubes that collect the sun’s heat which in turn gives us hot water.

Taking all three of these into account our combined gas and electricity bill for the past 7 years has amounted to £-80 per year. This calculation is based on the fact that when the sun is shining we don’t draw as much from the grid, we put on the dish washer and washing machine when it is sunny, and we also get cash back  from the Government for generating and exporting the excess back to the grid.

The tariffs for this are not worth as much now as they were when these were fitted but the overall cost of installation is now peanuts by comparison. The  original feed in tariff made the installations very popular and so the prices went through t he roof. Now the demand is less and many installers are out of business. I think they are still worth having them fitted especially as they are getting more efficient too. If you can DIY then they get even cheaper, but you won’t get the feed in tariff.

Other ways to reduce your fuel consumption might be  insulation. I though that my house was well insulated but a thermal image might suggest otherwise. This page details this.

Solar Energy