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I’m a great believer in quality of life being more important than material things. I didn’t have the best of starts in life but I have persevered and worked to make the best of the hand I was dealt. Skills I’ve learned during my life have set me in good stead for a comfortable life style but as age inevitably creeps up, various life changing alterations need to be addressed. So, as a result, I am looking for ways in which to make a modest living for some honest work for local people.

I get enjoyment of seeing a job well done. It is my belief that any person willing to live in the same place as they work is likely to be reliable, trustworthy and accountable.

There is a chance that you already know of me, especially if I taught your child(ren), but as with everything in life, there’s more than meets the eye!

Too many people have suggested that I make a living out of the skills that I possess. However, I do so many completely different things, none of which will pay all the bills and I never knew where to start. I relied on professional qualifications to secure a living. Everything else became hobbies or charitable works.

As a boy, I played at home with my toys until they needed repair. I could have waited until my father came home from work but instead I attempted repairs myself. I learned to use a soldering iron early in my life and had access to various glues and adhesives which I experimented with for different fixes. Now with a degree in chemistry I have a better understanding of materials and the best methods of repair.

As an aeromodeller, I have been building flying models from scratch and have good fine motor skills to tackle tricky items.

Why am I doing all this?